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How can I make a quick simple Cappuccino?

SL33PYasked:Is there a way to make a simple Cappuccino at home? I remember that a friend use make one in 5 minutes with simply coffee, though I can’t remember the rest of the ingredients. Could you help me out?
Without a machine
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Does anybody have a good recipe for cappuccino?

I’m a big time cappuccino fan. I drink one everyday and I’m looking for different recipes. Can u help me?

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What does the froth have to do with making a cappuccino?

Commander Pyro asked:The things I’ve read on line about how to make a cappuccino say that it is 1/3 espresso, 1/3 milk and 1/3 froth. Is the froth some maddeningly important part so that it’s not cappuccino without it?

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How to Make Cappuccino – Tips for Becoming a Master

If you’d like your day to begin in the style of the Europeans, you should learn how to make cappuccino. The cappuccino originated in Italy, where tourists can always be spotted when they order cappuccino in the afternoon. True Italians reserve this savory coffee for the start of the day.
How to Make Cappuccino Tricks
Making great [...]

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