Organic Coffee Beans

Should you buy organic coffee beans? Well, there are many reasons for buying organic products and coffee is no exception. Organic growers are the future of agriculture in my opinion. Sustainable farming methods without the use of harmful pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other potentially carcinogenic materials should be supported whenever possible. Coffee grown organically for sale in the USA must undergo a rigorous certification by an agency accredited by the US Department of Agriculture. Some of the requirements of organic coffee growing include a minimum 3 year growing without synthetic pesticides and other prohibited chemicals as well as a crop rotation plan that is sustainable and prevents soil depletion and erosion and controls pests.

As anyone will tell you, organic products can be found more and more on your supermarket shelves, and in other places. Organic milk products, organic meats and eggs, etc. should all be a part of your diet. Anything you can do to lower your intake of chemicals and pesticides should be considered. Organic coffee beans should also play a part in your organic lifestyle. If you think that going organic will be expensive, guess what, you would be wrong. There are many places online that sell organic coffee for about the same price as coffee grown with pesticides and other chemicals. Some growers go the extra mile and their coffees are grown under rainforest-preserving shade trees and are hosts to diverse bird life.

Even if you don’t care about rainforests, endangered birds, fragile ecosystems, etc., you should still consider buying organic coffee beans because they are good for you and taste great. After all, most companies don’t charge a premium and the coffee is not overly expensive anyway. There are plenty of exotic coffees which are much more expensive. Contamination of the planet and destruction of our fragile ecosystems is something that we should discourage. The fact that it won’t cost us an arm and a leg is only one more reason to do so. Make sure that the company you get the coffee from is certified organic by a third party certification company.