Medium roast coffee is perhaps the most versatile variety of roasted coffee available to consumers.  Do you know how dark of roast you like best?  If you are like most Americans, you probably prefer a nice medium roast that is full bodied yet mild in flavor.

The variety of coffee roast you choose to drink will depend on the taste and robustness that you prefer when you drink a cup of coffee.  Many Europeans generally prefer a dark roast coffee, which is more intense and offers a stronger coffee flavor than a light or medium roast coffee.  In the United States however, most coffee drinkers prefer a medium roast variety.  Even when you enjoy your favorite specialty coffee from your local gourmet coffee shop, you are probably getting a more medium roast blend of coffee in your espresso, cappuccino or latte.

Roasting coffee beans is a complicated process which draws out the moisture, oils and other substances from the coffee bean.  The longer you roast the coffee beans, the more of a “woodsy” flavor it develops. A lighter roasted coffee will still have the sweetness from the beans natural liquids because they have not been in the roaster long enough to draw all of the substances to the surface.

If you enjoy the stronger coffee flavor or your favorite coffee shop’s coffee, you may enjoy trying out a darker roasted variety of coffee.  If you find the coffee’s flavor a bit overwhelming, you may want to try out some lighter roasted coffees available on the market.  With the availability of so many varieties and flavors of coffees on the market today, you can experiment with different blends and roasts until you find the ideal coffee for your palette.  Once you have found your ideal roast of coffee, try sampling coffees from different parts of the world, all within that roast variety, to get a real feel of how coffee is drank throughout the world.

The region in which the coffee is grown makes a big difference in how the finished product will taste.  Hawaiian Kona coffee will taste much different than a coffee imported from India, even though they both have been roasted to medium roast.  The way the coffee is roasted also has a big influence on how the medium roast coffee will taste.  Roasting coffee in an oven will produce a different flavor than those coffee beans roasted with open flame.

In general, the darker the roast the fuller the flavor of the coffee beans.  Lighter roasts are more acidic and have a sharper taste than their darker cousins.  A medium roasted coffee bean offers a nice, mild balance to the coffee that is most pleasing to most palettes. The variety of roast also effects how much caffeine remains in the coffee as well.  The darker the roast of coffee bean, the less caffeine actually stays in the bean.  This is another reason why most Americans find the medium roasted coffee bean to be the most universal.