Kona Coffee Blend

Kona Blend Coffee

Kona blend coffee is simply a blend of coffees grown throughout the world with 100% Hawaiian grown Kona coffee. Kona blend coffee is popular because it gives consumers the flavor of Kona coffee without the very expensive price of pure Kona coffee. Kona coffee is only grown in the Hawaiian region, so it is not as available of a commodity as coffees grown throughout other regions of the world. This makes Kona coffee much more valuable than most other coffees. Kona coffee beans are some of the most expensive coffee beans available on the market today.

Kona coffee beans are known for their rich flavor, smooth texture and distinct aromas. Since there is such a limited supply of Kona coffee beans in the world, they are some of the most sought after commodities in the world.

Since pure Kona coffee is so expensive, roasters and retailers have long been blending this precious commodity with other varieties of coffees to develop many different varieties of Kona blend coffee. These blended varieties usually contain between 10%-20% Kona coffee that has been blended with imported coffees from other regions of the world.

By blending Kona coffee beans with other types of coffees, producers can create their own distinct coffees that are specific to that particular company. By doing so, the coffee roasters are able to produce more sales since their specific blend is only manufactured by them. However, there are many different varieties of Kona blend coffee products on the market, so a consumer may have to try many brands before deciding which brand produces a coffee blend that pleases their palette the most.

Coffee connoisseurs who prefer the flavor of pure Kona coffee, but do not want to pay the steep prices per cup can still get their Kona fix and save their wallets by purchasing Kona blend coffee varieties.

Blended Kona varieties are a great choice for those coffee connoisseurs who are looking for that perfect cup of coffee but do not necessarily want to pay for pure Kona coffee. These coffee blends still offer the full-bodied taste experience of their more expensive counterparts, but for less cost. While they are obviously different in taste and aroma than Kona coffee, they are an excellent choice for most coffee drinkers.

If plain coffee just isn’t your style, there are hundreds of Kona blend coffee flavors available as well. Some coffee retailers will even let their customers blend their own flavors to cater to their own tastes.

It is important to remember than many factors will influence the taste of coffee. Purchasing whole beans and grinding them yourself will create a different version of the same blend that was purchased pre-ground. The way in which the coffee is brewed will also affect the outcome of your coffee. A drip brewed coffee will taste different than a coffee that has been ran through a coffee press. Kona blend coffees come in many different varieties and roasts, so a consumer can choose just the right amount of robustness for their tastes.