Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is the coffee you should try.

Coffee offers people a taste of the world with the different types of coffee they can have with every cup.  Every coffee from different parts of the globe has its own taste, aroma, texture and characteristics and true coffee lovers enjoy trying all the coffee variety.  Because there are so many coffee varieties from around the world, it is almost impossible for people not to find at least one coffee that brings joy to their senses.

If you want to experience coffee that has an intense bold aroma, exquisite flavor and sweetness then try the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. The coffee’s  exquisite taste may be attributed to the place where it is grown- the Blue Mountain Range in Jamaica.  The coffee is grown is such a high altitude in a pure and clean environment that it certainly has become one of the most sought after coffees by coffee lovers. The combination of the rich soil and the cool conditions in the mountain range results in a unique and rich Java.  Because people have different preferences they may have choose different coffee varieties as their favorites but the Jamaican Blue Mountain Range Coffee always crops up in the list of favorite of coffee connoisseurs form around the globe.

Aside from being naturally delightful as a result of the environment where the Java grows- rich soild, excellent irrigation, high altitude and cool weather this coffee also has great taste because of the process it undergoes.  The production of this coffee also follows stringent standards and the industry enjoys full government support. The coffee is carefully hand-picked and there is strict supervision in every step of the production from pulping, drying until the last process of grading. Because of the high quality of the coffee and its good reputation the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is now exported worldwide.

Coffee that is exported under the Jamaican Blue Mountain label must be certified by coffee tasters from the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board.  The Board was established in 1950 to standardize the quality of the Jamaican coffee and to ensure that only the best make it to the cups of coffee lovers.

The Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee has been giving coffee lovers with memorable coffee drinking experiences for two centuries now.  Coffee was brought to Jamaica in 1728 from the Island of Martinique. The imported Arabica seedling flourished in Jamaica which proved that the island made a natural habitat for coffee.  The coffee production in the country grew and now connoisseurs worldwide know that drinking the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is a joyful experience in itself.

Today there are different kinds of coffee exported by Jamaica under the Jamaica Blue Mountain Range so make sure that the coffee you are buying comes with the certification from the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board.

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