Hawaiian Coffee

Hawaiian Coffee

Hawaiian coffee is the only coffee grown in the United States.  With its perfect climate and soil, Hawaii is the only place in the United States that produces a perfect quality coffee plant.  Hawaiian coffee is very distinct in flavor and is some of the most sought after commodities in the world today.  Grown within the lush forests and volcanic mountains of the Big island, Hawaiian coffees are truly a coffee connoisseur’s delight.
Most people have heard of Kona coffee, the most expensive coffee beans grown in Hawaii and maybe even in the world, but there are other Hawaiian coffee beans grown in Hawaii as well.

Kauai coffee comes from the largest coffee plant in Hawaii, the Kauai coffee reserve.  Since the production of Kauai is not limited in quantity, this brand of coffee is not as expensive as other coffees from the Hawaiian regions.  However, Kauai coffee is just as flavorful as other Hawaiian coffee.

Molokai coffee is grown on the island of Molokai in the Hawaiian Islands.  Molokai coffee has a unique smoky flavor that no other Hawaiian coffee has.  This flavor comes from two different processing methods.  Molokai coffee beans are harvested using both the wet and sun dried processes giving the coffee its popular flavor.

Maui coffee is among the newest Hawaiian coffee to be produced in Hawaii.  The Maui coffee is a more mild coffee than other Hawaiian coffees with a hint of dried fruit, chocolate, and even smoky flavors.  While Maui coffee is the least common of Hawaiian coffees.

Kona coffee is, of course, the most popular of Hawaiian coffee.  Kona coffee is mild bodied with a distinct flavor and aroma.  Kona coffee is also the most expensive of the Hawaiian, but worth every penny.  If you find that pure Kona coffee is a bit too expensive, there are many Kona blends available on the market that are almost as delicious as the pure Kona.

Hawaiian coffee can also be infused with island flavors such as toasted coconut, vanilla macadamia, chocolate macadamia, vanilla nut cream, cinnamon macadamia, coconut cream and banana cream flavors.  Of course, you can find them in other flavors as well, but island flavors meld well with the uniqueness of the coffee’s flavor.
The taste of Hawaiian coffee is not like any other coffee grown in the world.  Coffees grown in such regions as Africa, Central America and Indonesia boast coffees with strong, full bodied tastes and aromas, while coffee grown in Hawaii have mild flavors that are pleasant on the palette.  Because of the perfect climate conditions and unique soil content of the Hawaiian islands, these distinct coffees are the perfect mix of flavors and aromas that truly wake the senses.

If you cannot find Hawaiian coffee in your local coffee shop or grocery store, there are many online coffee suppliers that offer the best available Hawaiian coffee brands available.  Try sampling the different flavors of Hawaii and decide for yourself which Hawaiian coffee is your favorite.

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