gourmet coffee maker
Gourmet Coffee Maker

A gourmet coffee maker has increasingly become a common household item these days.  With the explosion of corner gourmet coffee shops, there has been a boom of interest in gourmet coffees.  Many consumers have discovered that with a great coffee maker they can brew their own coffee that tastes just as good or even better than the expensive coffee shop’s coffee for a mere fraction of the cost of a gourmet cup of java on the go.

It is always important to use the highest quality ingredients, including quality fresh ground coffee beans, fresh filtered water and the freshest cream or milk or flavoring. However, perhaps the most important tool in making the best coffee possible is the coffee maker.  The question is, which coffee maker produces the best coffee flavor and aroma?  Does a gourmet coffee maker make any better tasting coffee than a regular coffee maker?

A gourmet coffee maker usually performs a specific function such as making espresso.  These machines are great for consumers who enjoy espresso, lattes and cappuccinos.  If you are looking for just a good old cup of Joe, a gourmet coffee maker may not exactly be what you are looking for.

Both the gourmet coffee maker and a standard brew system have their uses, your decision will depend on what type of coffee you drink most often.  If you are a true coffee connoisseur, you may prefer the French press.  This type of coffee brewer is basically a glass jar which holds a plunger and a mesh filter.  To make the perfect cup of coffee with a French press, you will need to place freshly ground coffee into the jar and pour hot water over the top.  Place the lid on the jar and press the plunger down for 3-4 minutes.

Drip brewers are the most common of the coffee makers.  They are simple to use by easily putting ground coffee into a paper filter, filling reservoir with water, and letting a pot brew.  Drip brewer machines are a great convenience appliance, but the coffee goes rancid rather quickly in these machines.  If you want the best coffee when using a drip brewer, it must be consumed within an hour or so.

Single brew machines are great for convenience.  These machines brew one cup at a time so you can have a great fresh cup of coffee any time you want.  The disadvantages of these types of machines are that most of them require the user to purchase specific pre-sealed pods of their brand of coffee.

There are many more different types of coffee makers than these on the market.  It is important to do your research and make a decision about what type of machine will work best for your tastes and lifestyle.  Once you have made your decision, be sure to buy the highest quality machine you can afford and you will be sure to be sipping on the perfect cup of brew any time you feel like it.