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How can I make a quick simple Cappuccino?

SL33PYasked:Is there a way to make a simple Cappuccino at home? I remember that a friend use make one in 5 minutes with simply coffee, though I can’t remember the rest of the ingredients. Could you help me out?
Without a machine
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For a cappuccino, do you need to have that stainless steel cup to froth the milk?

Kevin Merrillasked:
Cause I got a cappuccino maker without one of these. Also does it absolutely need the espresso coffee grounds?
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Does anybody have a good recipe for cappuccino?

I’m a big time cappuccino fan. I drink one everyday and I’m looking for different recipes. Can u help me?

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What does the froth have to do with making a cappuccino?

Commander Pyro asked:The things I’ve read on line about how to make a cappuccino say that it is 1/3 espresso, 1/3 milk and 1/3 froth. Is the froth some maddeningly important part so that it’s not cappuccino without it?

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Is there any extra ingredient I need to add to make a great cappuccino at home?

Hemanshi Basked:
I have got a cappuccino maker at home, and I follow the instructions, but it still doesn’t taste like the coffee shop’s cappuccino. I have got a Breville cappuccino/espresso maker.

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How is a latte made differently from a cappuccino?

i’ve used a cappuccino machine before so i know a cappuccino is an espresso with foamed milk and cinnamon, but how is a latte different?

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